About Us

As a professional Ukulele guitar manufacturer, Lyric has been devoted to researching and producing better guitars.

Lyric Musical Instrument Development Co., Ltd.

Lyric is one of the earlier design and sales of ukulele brand, was founded in 2012. At the beginning of the brand's main sales to Thailand, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries and regions, Lyric brand is later the first to expand the market to the international market. After continuous efforts and development, Lyric has become the ukulele market in many countries and regions for everyone well-known brand.

  • Brand concept: we respected to create "happy" and "share" it out.
  • The pursuit of the brand: "fine", "fine" and "stable" artisan spirit.
  • Brand vision: hope to connect your past and future through a guitar!

Why Choose Us


Adhere to researching and producing better guitars


Famous personally selected guitar material


Through 72 hours of high temperature cooking and 3 years of ventilation dry


guitar made by an experienced veteran with 25 years experience.


Adopt double boxes patented process technology


It has anti fake labels to distinguish authenticity.

News & Events

Oct. 15

2017 MUSIC CHINA (Shanghai)

2017 MUSIC CHINA (Shanghai)

2017 MUSIC CHINA was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 11 to 14, 2017. This important musical instrument exhibitions will will attract more than 1,900 companies from 33 countries and nearly 100,000 audiences worldwide.

Decrypt the Chinese guitar industry leader
Sept. 22,2017

This seemingly simple idea to achieve a breakthrough, not easy to achieve. Artisans awareness and time accumulation, has been the most lack of domestic brands, we have to reflect on how to make every detail of the ultimate

Lyric Brand Guitar commonly used wood
Sept. 18, 2017

Our company has been committed to the guitar production and research and development, not only in the process of excellence, in the selection and use of wood is even more serious.

Talk about guitar maintenance in the winter
Aug 26, 2017

Now let's talk about winter guitar maintenance, because the guitar can really be in jeopardy. This wicked is the winter humidity is too low. Guitars will surely cause damage no matter how long they are exposed to less than 40% humidity.